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About Us

We don't just advertise. We EMPOWER growth! 

Hi, I am Helen, Founder of Smart Social. We are a boutique advertising agency based in Reigate, UK.

We know running a business is hard. You wear so many hats and juggle so many plates! It's exhausting figuring out the ins-and-outs of growing a business without any guidance from someone who knows what they're doing. Even though there are plenty of resources available nowadays on the internet or at local libraries that will help guide everything along, it takes TIME to learn and practise before you can execute yourself successfully.


So my goal is simple, to make your life a little bit easier by empowering you with all our knowledge, skills and most importantly - TIME (that you need but often don’t have!) to achieve your business growth objectives with ease and confidence using the power of SMART Facebook and Instagram Ads. You work hard every day and deserve to grow your business and have more time for yourself!

We will help you:


  • GROW the business with consistent, fresh quality traffic from ads that converts to leads and sales.

  • BUILD a loyal following who watch your every move, promote and buy from you repeatedly.

  • ENJOY a balanced life where you can spend more time with family or friends when YOU as the business owner want to!


Time to say goodbye to being overwhelmed by advertising complexity because it is possible - take a look at our website today for all the information you need about how we can support you to achieve more and better with SMART social advertising on the platforms of your choice: Facebook, Instagram, Google, or have them all - why not, they work extremely well together when you know how ;)

Your best


Helen xx

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